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I am Adam Blackington, an individual dedicated to the intricate realms of engineering and an ardent advocate for diversity and inclusivity, spearheading the PRIDE Employee Resource Group within the esteemed confines of Google's National Capital Region.

The compendium of organizations enumerated below mirrors a reflection of my core ethical tenets and values. These institutions are carefully curated for their unwavering commitment to fostering equity and inclusivity within our society. I extend an earnest invitation to entities and individuals who resonate with these ideals and are keen on collaborative endeavors or aspire to feature their organization on this distinguished platform, to initiate communication with me.

For an in-depth exploration of any specific charitable organization delineated below, I encourage you to engage with the provided hyperlinks, which shall seamlessly transport you to their respective digital portals.

Your support in these endeavors is not only appreciated but paramount in our collective journey towards a more equitable and inclusive society.

This digital testament to our shared values was last meticulously updated on February 09, 2024 by myself, Adam Blackington.

Please note, the foremost non-profit entity listed herein enjoys the spotlight as the currently featured organization, a position subject to periodic alteration. The subsequent entities are methodically arranged in an alphabetical sequence for ease of navigation.

With sincere gratitude,
Adam Blackington

Southern Poverty Law Center